Kevin Loss

IT Technician worthy of Thor's hammer.Currently bringing the hammer down in glorious technical battles while practicing software development.

Skills in a nutshell:

Hardware Development
- Server Room Support
- New Computer Setup
- VOIP Phone Setup (Cisco)

Software Development
- Custom Domain (DNS)
- Custom Email Domain Setup
-Networking basics
Programming Concepts:
- Javascript
- Python

Application Testing
- New Release Testing
- Bug Reporting

Quality Assurance
- Auditing Customer Support Tickets
-Automating Google Sheets with Javascript
- Agent Coaching

Customer/Technical Support
- Face to Face, Chat, and Remote Support
- DNS Support
- CRM Applications
- Customer Escalations

Who you'd be hiring:

I have over 10+ years of experience providing technical support. My professional philosophy is that a great IT Technician is a constantly evolving bridge between ever advancing technology and a team of experts in their own fields.I strive to put the team, the user, the customer, at ease with their technology in a friendly and approachable way. I want their infrastructure to work, so that they can work efficiently. My passion makes it possible for them to achieve their professional goals.

Current Role

Tech Lead

With Kajabi since 2021

Act as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) for team members dealing with technical issues in our support channels. Provide guidance and expertise to resolve escalated customer inquiries effectively.Conduct in-depth research and provide assistance in escalated customer tickets and offer functional solutions with issues spanning topics such as: configuring email broadcasts, podcasts, SEO, pricing options, marketing funnels, third-party integrations, custom domains, and more.Work with the engineering and product teams, providing bug reports, attending cross-functional meetings.Identifying and addressing known issues, Supporting the Help Center team in documentation development.

Recent Projects - Programming

A Worthy Bot
Basic TwitchBot that functions similar to Nightbot, but also connects to Discord and uses other API.Link to Project
Pomodoro Timer
Simple timer to help keep track when using the pomodoro technique.Link to Project
Random Battle Generator
I wanted to learn and understand the Pygame library. Still in progress.Link to Project

Recent Projects - Other

Automating Process for Auditing
(Javascript/Apps Script)
Streamlined the audit process for the Quality Assurance team by automating data imports and reporting in Google Sheets, resulting in enhanced efficiency in auditing tickets and saving 3-5 hours of manual entry and review.
Protecting Information
(Microsoft Sharepoint and Salesforce)
Created and implemented a secure communication pathway with designated points of contact, enabling external stakeholders to be contacted while safeguarding their Personal Identification Information (PII).
Automating Payroll formatting
Developed automated processes which reduced payroll processing time dramatically per payroll rotation, manpower effort had been reduced by up to 3 hours per customer.

Volunteering: Saving the world, one day at a time.

MTRA - Marion Therapeutic Riding Association

I spend my free time volunteering at a nonprofit that offers Equine-assisted activities whenever I can. It's a place where I get to work with incredible veterans, children, and of course, our four-legged friends.Some of the amazing kids that I've worked with have faced tough challenges, bouncing from one foster home to another, or experiencing personal struggles that require the need of therapy. On the flip side, I've also had the privilege of working with incredible veterans that may be battling PTSD from their time in the military.I absolutely enjoy the work and volunteering in general. If I have an opportunity, you would find me there!

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